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Providing Residents in and Around Cohasset, MA with Fast and Convenient Dry Cleaning Services!

Dry Cleaning Service Cohasset MA | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - iron-icon

Dry Cleaning Service Cohasset MA | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - dry-cleaning

We Offer Same-Day Professional Dry Cleaning!

Tired of looking at that overflowing hamper? On a trip and need your clothes cleaned quickly? Forget wasting your free time struggling to get the laundry done or dealing with slow and unorganized hotel laundry services. We'll wash, fold and deliver your clothes with fast turnaround times and impeccable results!


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Dry Cleaning Service Cohasset MA | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - free-delivery-iconWith our FREE pick-up and delivery service, you really can't beat the convenience and price you'll find here at Cohasset Plaza Cleaners! As an owner-operated business built on satisfying EVERY customer week-after-week, we understand the importance of quality, personal service.

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Don't Throw Out Your Damaged or Old ClothesWe Provide Expert Repairs and Alterations

Dry Cleaning Service Cohasset MA | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - sub-contentTorn seams, broken zippers, lost buttons, rips and tears - you name it, we can fix it! It's often a first impulse to give up on clothes that have minor defects, but don't give up so quickly. Our affordable clothing repair service is available to restore your clothing and save you a fortune on replacements. We also offer professional alterations for a wide range of needs, including:

  • Adjusting hems
  • Tapering pants
  • Changing sizes
  • Applying patches
  • Altering waist size

Dry Cleaning Service Cohasset MA | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - tee-iconWhether you need a homecoming dress altered or a rip repaired on your favorite jacket, you would be surprised at how well our team of clothing alteration and repair experts can transform and restore your clothing - and how fast! So, before you give up on your beloved jacket or favorite old pants, just know that the team at Cohasset Plaza Cleaners is capable of reviving anything you set in front of us.

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Our Services Don't End with Fabric Let Us Clean Your Leather and Fix Your Shoes!

Leather is expensive, and it's not always easy to watch a beautiful leather item fade, stain or start to wear. Don't stress - at Cohasset Cleaners, we specialize in professional leather restoration and shoe repair services that can extend the lifespan of your items and keep them looking impeccable!

Restoring boots, sandals, belts, jackets and other priceless items is not only our passion - we're quite good at it. Once we've worked our magic on your leather piece, you'll be wondering if we went out and bought you a new one!

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Providing residents in and around Cohasset with same-day professional dry cleaning services.
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