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Cohasset Plaza Cleaners: Eastern Massachusetts's Leading Home Delivery Dry Cleaner

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Have you ever noticed that your favorite suit or dress is stained or dirty and you need to wear it for a big event coming up? When you only have a few hours to prepare, getting your outfit clean isn't easy, especially if it can only be dry cleaning. As a same day drycleaner, Cohasset Plaza Cleaners offers rapid wash and fold service to clients all over Eastern Massachusetts. We can help you, you won't have any trouble getting your nicest clothes ready for the next big event, no matter how little time you have to prepare.

Quality Dry Cleaner In Massachusetts

As an experienced cleaner with a long history in Eastern Massachusetts, Cohasset Plaza Cleaners can handle every variety of cleaning job quickly and effectively. Our team has worked with all major materials, no matter how delicate. As a result, we know how to keep your outfit in good condition regardless of what it's made from. You can trust us with even your most delicate and expensive outfits, confident that we will take good care of them while removing every last trace of dirt or discoloration.

Wash & Fold Dry Cleaning

Cohasset Plaza Cleaners understands how important it is wash, dry, and fold clothes in quick succession. By drying clothes as soon as they're washed and folding them as soon as they're dry, we eliminate:

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  • Moisture- Quickly drying your clothes gets every last drop of water out of them, preventing moisture from damaging the fibers or discoloring the outfit.
  • Wrinkles- Rapid folding means that there is little time for wrinkles to form in your clothes, keeping them straight for the long haul.
  • Damage- Quickly folding your clothes eliminates the chance that any piece of fabric will be torn or strained while we return the items, helping you to keep each item in good condition.

At Cohasset Plaza Cleaners we strive to treat your clothes as we would our own. You can count on us to get every item fully clean, straight and dry!

Same Day Dry Cleaner In Massachusetts

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The Cohasset Plaza Cleaners team knows just how important it is for you to get your outfit clean as quickly as possible, especially if you need it for a work event or other important occasion. For this reason, we clean your clothes within a matter of hours, returning them to you on the same day you request to have them cleaned. We also provide free deliveries, meaning you won't have to take time out of your schedule to pick them up. Through these and other services, we can clean your best clothes on any deadline.

We also offer FREE pick-up and delivery services to our customers that are located within 10 miles of our business. We are able to provide this service to those who reside in the towns of Cohasset, Scituate, Hull, Hingham, Norwell and Marshfield. We provide you with flexible delivery and a laundry bag for your belongings with no minimum order required! Our business is built on satisfying you and understand the importance of quality Alterations service.

Cohasset Plaza Cleaners offers quick, quality dry cleaning across Eastern Massachusetts. For more information or to request our services, visit our website today.