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Dealing With Dirty Leather & Area Rug Cleaning From Cohasset Plaza Cleaners

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When it comes to cleaning, few items present more of a challenge than your shoes and furnishing. Not only are furnishings sometimes large and hard to transport, but many are made of leather, delicate fibers, and other materials that are difficult to clean safely. As a result, you have to choose between two unattractive options: leave them dirty or take a chance on ruining it.

Cohasset Plaza Cleaners offers a convenient solution to this dilemma. As an experienced cleaning service based in Cohasset, we offer safe, effective leather and area rug cleaning for customers in Scituate, Norwell, Marshfield, Hingham, and Hull. No matter how delicate your rugs or shoes may be, we can clean it quickly and comprehensively without causing any damage.

Leather Shoe Cleaning

Leather shoes are among the most difficult items to clean, given the effect that water has on them. Our leather cleaning team knows how to counter this negative effect, leaving your boots, loafers, and other leather shoes undamaged. Our strategy involves:

  • Dirt & Debris Removal- We begin by gently cleaning every last trace of dirt, dust, hair, and grime off of your leather item. This prevents us from grinding any debris into the item during later stages of cleaning, avoiding a common source of leather damage.
  • Targeted Cleaning- Once we have removed all debris, we eliminate deeper layers of dirt and stains with a specialized cleaning solution. We make sure to apply this solution as precisely as possible, ensuring that we do not get any part of the item wet that we don't have to.
  • Cloth Drying- Once we are finished cleaning, we dry your leather item with cloth. This allows us to avoid dehydrating the fabric itself, another common source of damage.

Cohasset Plaza Cleaners offers the same gentle, specialized cleaning services on shoes made from all other delicate materials. By tailoring our cleaning methods to the specific materials we're working with, we maximize cleanliness while keeping all forms of damage to a minimum.

Give Your Area Rugs A Gentle Deep Cleaning

Though not as delicate as leather, fabric rugs do present their own set of cleaning challenges. Through gentle, deep area rug cleaning, we can:

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Eliminate Harmful Particles

Dirty rugs hold mold spores, dust, and other particles that can harm air quality and make you sick. Deep cleaning gets rid of every last trace of these particles.

Avoid Fiber Damage

Gentle cleaning lets us avoid rubbing dirt particles into the fibers. Instead, we gradually wash them out, allowing the carpet to remain in good condition for the long haul.

Cohasset Plaza Cleaners is committed to washing your leather goods as quickly as possible, but doesn't let that get in the way of making sure it is fully clean and undamaged. For more information on cleaning your shoes, clothing, and other items, contact us today.