Alterations and Wash & Fold

Acute Alterations: Precise, Professional Changes for Your Best Dresses & Suits in Cohasset, MA

Clothing Alterations, Wash & Fold Services | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - alterationsAlterations you can trust for your most delicate items!

Remember your last fashion mishap? You buy the dress or suit of your dreams, try it on and discover you don’t quite look like you imagined. This does not necessarily mean that your new threads are useless, but it suggests that to fully enjoy them, you need to make some changes. Cohasset Plaza Cleaners offers the alteration services you need for any item that isn’t quite living up to its potential. Operating out of Cohasset MA, we show all your clothes full care and attention to detail.

An Array of Clothing Alterations Suited to Your Needs

As a local alteration and cleaning service, Cohasset Plaza Cleaners has experience making alterations for a multitude of different reasons. We are prepared to provide any service you might need, including:

  • Expansions - Whether due to weight gain, pregnancy or increased muscle mass, your old clothes may not fit as well as they used to. We can expand these items without interfering with their overall appearance, letting you look great no matter what changes the years may bring.
  • Repairs - If your favorite items have become torn, frayed or otherwise damaged, you may not have the skills to repair them on your own, especially if they are made from a unique material. We can restore even the most intricate dresses and suits to full quality.
  • Thematic Enhancements - If you are attending prom or another big life event that has a specific theme, you may want prom dresses and other clothes that match that theme. We can enhance your clothes' color and decorations to prepare you fully for any such event.

The Cohasset team makes no assumptions about what your items should look like. When you place an order, we listen carefully to all your concerns and requests, determining exactly what types of alternations will meet them. We ensure that all of our services address your clothing needs and desires.

Rapid Service & Reliable Deliveries for Your Altered Items

Depending on the items you need altered and why you're altering them, you may not have much time to pick them up after the changes are made. Cohasset Plaza Cleaners provides free home delivery services to all our clients. We know how to complete the job quickly, allowing you to have your clothes altered in time for even the most imminent events. We also provide a number of other valuable services for your clothes, including:

  • Dry Cleaning - We can safely and efficiently remove dirt and stains from your fabrics.
  • Hanging & Folding - At the end of each job, we fold or hang your items to ensure they don’t become wrinkled.
  • Specialty Services - If you have items made from leather or other vulnerable materials, we can clean and alter them without causing damage.

Whether due to a lack of free time or the specific nature of your threads, it may not be possible for you to do your own laundry. 

When this is the case, you need a wash and fold service you can trust to clean your items completely without damaging them. Cohasset Plaza Cleaners offers these cleaning options and an array of other services for your entire wardrobe. Operating out of Cohasset, MA, we provide cleaning in Hull, Scituate, Norwell, Hingham and Marshfield, allowing all of our customers to enjoy clean, quality clothes throughout the year.

Clothes Wash & Fold Services to Fit Your Schedule

Cohasset Plaza Cleaners understands that you cannot always afford to wait for your clothes to be clean. We can make sure you can get all your clothes long before the deadline by:

  • Next Day Service - We typically take between 48 and 72 hours to complete our wash and dry services. This allows us to meet the vast majority of cleaning needs for business and personal clothes. Please drop off your clothes by 11:00 AM for next-day service. 
  • Wash and fold services are $2.00 per pound of clothes with a $10 minimum. 

The Cohasset Plaza Cleaners team has the training and experience to wash every manner of clothing. No matter how delicate the fabric or unique the design, we have no trouble washing them safely and effectively. Our wash and fold services are $1.50 per pound of clothes with a $10 minimum. 

Full Folding & Hanging to Keep Your Clothes in Good Condition

Comprehensive cleaning is only the first step to taking proper care of your clothes. It is also necessary to fold them properly, especially if you are going to be transporting them or storing them for long periods of time. Cohasset Plaza Cleaners takes care of this for you. We fold and hang all your clothes according to their specific storage needs, making sure to avoid wrinkling them or exposing the fabric to sources of damage. With our help, you can maintain the quality of your clothes for the long haul.

In addition to washing and folding, we offer dry cleaning, and alterations. Our goal is to provide style, cleanliness and comfort throughout your wardrobe, letting you succeed at business, social interaction and all other pursuits. 

To learn more about altering and enhancing your threads, contact us today!