Dry Cleaning

Quality Dry Cleaning & Home Delivery Service in Cohasset, MA

Same-Day Dry Cleaning in Cohasset MA | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - sub-contentUnbeatable dry cleaning services for any clothing item!

As a same-day dry cleaner operating out of Cohasset, MA, we rapidly and reliably render your clothes spotless. With our help, you'll never be short on professional threads for your next big meeting or any outfit that you need cleaned for any occasion! 

Same-Day Service from an Experienced Dry Cleaning Expert

The Cohasset Plaza Cleaners team understands that you often have little time to wait while your best clothes are being cleaned. If you are frequently in and out of major meetings, we can get any stain or blemish out of your clothes in a matter of hours. We specialize in same-day service, readying your clothes in short order so you can suit back up and attend your next meeting in style.

The speed of our services does not come at the cost of quality. We handle each item with care, making sure not to stain it or weaken the seams while cleaning it out. You can be confident that your best suits, dresses and accessories will remain in mint condition for the long haul.

Reliable Home Deliveries to Save You Time & Effort

Even if you don’t need your clothes back the same day, you may not have much time to visit our store and pick them up, especially if you have to prepare for more meetings or bring some of your work home. Cohasset Plaza Cleaners is committed to taking up as little of your time as possible, which is why we provide free home delivery services to all our clients. Simply tell us your address and give us an estimate of when you will be home, and we will stop by at a time that is convenient to you. This gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to focus on your career.

Comprehensive Care for All Your Clothes

In addition to dry cleaning, the Cohasset team offers an array of services to maximize convenience and quality. These include:

  • Folding & Hanging - We fold and hang your clothes as soon as they are clean, ensuring that they do not become wrinkled or damaged on their way back home.
  • Alterations - If you have a dress or suit that doesn’t fit or won’t quite capture the look you want, we can make the necessary changes for you.
  • Other Fabrics - Besides standard clothes, we can clean rugs, leather items and other fabrics with unique cleaning needs.

For more information on quick, quality dry cleaning, contact Cohasset Plaza Cleaners today!