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Expert Cleaning of Uggs, Leather, Rugs and More in Cohasset, MA

Ugg, Rug & Leather Cleaning Cohasset MA | Cohasset Plaza Cleaners - rug_cleaningWhy spend money when you don’t have to? Our cleaning services revive your favorite belongings to their originally pristine state! 

Every year, millions of Americans go through their closets and find old clothing items that they loved dearly, but are unfortunately worn and faded. Buying new versions of these items are typically costly, and sometimes they don’t carry the same amount of sentimental value as our favorite worn-in items. Similarly, our rugs take a beating on a regular basis with muddy boots and debris being pushed under them. Lucky for the Cohasset, MA area, Cohasset Plaza Cleaners specializes in the deep cleaning and restoration of some of your favorite closet items, as well as your rugs. 

Professional Ugg Boot Cleaning and Waterproofing 

As an essential staple for the cold Massachusetts winters, Ugg boots are a woman’s best friend. They provide warmth, protection from the snow and an overall versatile fashionable look for any winter outfit. If properly taken care of, most pairs can get years’ worth of wear. However, darker colored pairs’ dyes can fade, leaving a greenish look on black pairs and a whitish look on tan pairs. At Cohasset Plaza Cleaners, we are able to deep clean your Ugg boots to get them looking close to the way that they looked when you first bought them. Our experienced team can remove odors, dye them and waterproof them to ensure that there is no further damage in the future. Save yourself the investment of purchasing a new pair and get them cleaned for a fraction of the price!

Restoring Your Leather Goods Back to New

Leather is a very finicky material, as it is extremely durable and comfortable, but can be difficult to properly clean. We have a lot of experience cleaning leather jackets, vests, pants and other items, as we understand the way to properly clean them without adding any damage. Our staff is knowledgeable in using the correct ingredients to clean your garments with, and are able to return old, worn leather goods to their originally brand new state.  

Giving Your Rugs a Gentle but Deep Clean  

A home’s rugs are important for design and functionality, and they best serve their purpose for both of these things when they’re clean. The staff at Cohasset Plaza Cleaners does an amazing job at lifting stains and odors from your rugs, giving them a clean look and feel. We use detergents strong enough to get your rugs clean, but gentle enough not to disturb their colors and designs. Why spend hundreds of dollars on new rugs when getting them professionally cleaned gives the same near-new results? Trust our staff to bring new life into your old rugs! 

Contact Cohasset Plaza Cleaners today to learn more about the ways we can bring life back into your Ugg boots, leather goods and rugs!